375 ml La Gritona Premium Reposado Tequila

375 ml La Gritona Premium Reposado Tequila


At Cellar By Sea we believe you should love what you drink.


This smooth, clean and in our opinion best in the market tequila is a particular favourite of ours. We are thrilled to share the story behind this epic drop. Savour, read, enjoy.


‘La Gritona’ is Spanish for ‘The Screamer’. It’s an appropriate name seeing that one of the people behind this outstanding tequila is LA-based punk guitarist Andy Coronado.


The other significant player is the renowned tequilero Melly Cárdenas, one of Mexico’s few female master distillers has 20 years of quality tequila production under her belt. She shares Coronado’s love of the exceptional and unconventional, and leads a team staffed by only local women.


The duo set out to create a rocking, pared-down Reposado that would stand out by staying true to the region’s heritage. La Gritona is light on colour and sweetness with none of the flavours that mask many commercial Reposados like vanilla, chocolate and dulce de leche. Instead this is packed with delicious, honest and savoury, roasted agave flavor, reminiscent of the old-style ‘rested’ tequila, before the mass market took hold: “It’s tequila like our grandparents drank,” says Cárdenas.


Working with nine- to ten-year-old, mature Blue Weber Agave grown in the iron-rich red soil of the Jalisco highlands, every step of production after harvest takes place under Cárdenas’ own roof and with an attention to detail that the big boys, or those outsourcing distillation, cannot hope to replicate. The agave is steam-cooked in a single, thick-walled earthen oven for 24 hours and then allowed to rest for another 24 hours before crushing.


The collected liquid gold is naturally fermented (no additives are used
to push things along) in open steel vats at a rate dictated by the ambient air temperature and the wild yeasts, usually lasting between six to nine days. The double distillation takes place in small steel stills.


Those divine bespoke bottles by the way are made from recycled Mexican glass, hand-blown just an hour’s drive from the distillery. Coronado uses any recycled clear glass he can find (mostly old Coke bottles) then chips in a few Dos Equis bottles for the green tint! We like to use ours as water bottles on The Ariel the Cafe By Sea coffee boat. 


The distilled blanco is then rested in reused American whiskey barrels for eight months before bottling. There’s no marketing budget behind this brand, its definitely word of mouth drinking which is how we originally found it. This means for you the consumer, its all tequila baby!


Contains 12.5 standard drinks per 375ml bottle.