Belvedere Organic Vodka Soda 4 pack - Lemon & Basil

Belvedere Organic Vodka Soda 4 pack - Lemon & Basil


Please enjoy this ultra premium, vibrant tasting vodka soda, crafted with organic Belvedere vodka flavoured with an unexpected combination of organic lemon, basil and elderflower flavours; blended with sparkling water.


For this premium range of drinks, Belvedere has sourced only ingredients farmed with no artificial pesticides, additives or chemicals. Quality over quantity is their mantra. 


Belvedere’s Organic Infusions Organic Vodka Sodas are low carb, gluten free and vegan. With only 80 calories per can, no sugar and no artificial flavours or preservatives, its the perfect afternoon boat beverage.


Interestingly, last year, the company placed a mandate to source organic ingredients for all new products, committing to converting to organic farming, restoring land, reducing water waste, recovering heat waste byproduct, utilising renewable energy and sustainable packaging, working with local communities to promote and supply green energy, and supporting NGOs and university collaborations for protecting and efficiently using natural resources. From 2023, Belvedere will start its transition to being a fully organic business. 


5% ABV / 250ml can containing 1 standard drink / 4 pack 

Please drink responsibly.