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Where can I find my coordianates (Longitude & Latitude)

If you have a mounted VHF or HF radio on your boat then you should be able to see the coordiates on the device Google Maps: Go to https://maps.google.com You will see your location on the map (Blue Dot), hold that down to drop a pin Swipe up/Hold down Pin Drop info at the bottom of your screen Hold down the Location icon to copy coordinates to the clipboard Paste coordinates in the checkout field

How long will it take to receive my order?

Our Liquor License conditions require that we wait one hour after receiving your order to deliver it. We highly recommend using our scheduling service and plan for your needs in advance. The safety of our staff, customers and their friends and families are our number one priority. Please understand we will comply with RSA policy at all times to ensure this. We recommend consuming alcohol sensibly and purchasing low and non alcohol drinks which are also available. Our service policy can be viewed on this website along with our delivery and refund policy.

Can I order alcohol to a beach?

No. Our Liquor License conditons allow us to delivery to the following only: Registered boat. The boat can be on a mooring, jetty, quay, marina, at anchor or inside enclosed waters. House or building with a jetty or beach access - you must be able to prove you are residing within that building We cannot deliver to beaches, inlets, parks or any open outdoors area.

Can I preorder a delivery?

Absolutely! In fact we highly recommend using our preorder scheduling service. We can stock your boat for you at a marina or meet you at a specific time and place. You can preorder up to a fortnight in advance and ensure we have everything you need! We can also arrange food for you.

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