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*I understand I must be over 18 to order alcohol from Cellar By Sea and show a valid photo I.D to the driver upon delivery. I understand I will be refused service if I am intoxicated or behaving in a disorderly or unsafe manner.

Our Liquor License conditions require that the CBS Crew wait one hour after receiving your order to deliver it. They highly recommend using their scheduling service and plan for your needs in advance.

We can stock your boat for you at a marina or meet you at a specific time and place. You can pre-order up to a fortnight in advance and ensure we have everything you need! We can also arrange great food for you.

The Liquor License Conditions set by NSW Liquor and Gaming allow the Cellar by the Sea crew to deliver to the following only:

- Registered boat. The boat can be on a mooring, jetty, quay, marina, at anchor or inside enclosed waters.
- House or building with a jetty or beach access - you must be able to prove you are residing within that building.
- We cannot deliver to beaches, inlets, parks or any open outdoors area.


Cellar By Sea reserves the right to cancel a delivery during dangerous or bad weather. We will get in touch with you and arrange an alternative delivery date, destination or refund.